Generator Rental Charts
Visit our formulas and charts for general rentals and cable.

We can cool any location
No matter the size or location of your project we have a temporary cooling solution.

Event Services
Sidram has many years experience cooling events in tents to airplane hangers. When it needs to be cool call 888-574-3726.

Need quiet generators?

Portable Air Conditioners

Sidram Power offers a wide variety of portable air conditioner rentals for many applications. If you need portable air conditioning in a small office space or a 134,000 square foot tent or hanger we have a solution for you.

  • Spot coolers
  • Portable 5 Ton AC carts
  • 25 ton Portable DX air conditioners
  • 20 ton trailer mounted air conditioning
  • 25 ton vertical portable air conditioners for tents
  • 100 ton chiller with 20 ton air handlers

Sidram Power is an indusrtry leader in portable air conditioing. We done many types of cooling projects including:

Tents for Sporting Events
Airplane Hangers
Theme Parks
Large Tents for Corporate Events
Retail Stores

Sidram Power has the equipment and staff to ensure your temporary climate control project is a success. As with our generator rentals we are available around the clock for emergency needs. For your next event call Sidram Power for you temporary cooling and heat rental needs.