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Generator Rental Charts
Visit our formulas and charts for general rentals and cable.

Generator Assurance
Need to be sure a generator rental is available to you?

Event Services
Need generator rental solution for your next event?

Need quiet generators?

Sidram Power provides generator rentals and portable air conditioning for special events.

Special events are as the name implies special. Every event has its different and its. Sidram Power can get your coffee pot running and power the main stage of your event. Our staff has years of production experience working in tents, airplane hangers, on the beach and many other unique locations our customers have found.

Sidram Power offers many products and services for special events such as:

  • Generator rentals
  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Cable rental
  • Area Lighting
  • Misting Fan rentals
  • Heater rentals
  • Cable Ramp Rental
  • GFCI for wet locations
  • we can get electricity any where!

    When it is time for a special event call Sidram power for generator rentals and other production needs.

    Toll Free 888 574 3726 - Local 954 989 8898 - Fax 954 989 8897